Ooba Tuba and Other Joyful Things


Just a little funny from our vacay last summer to Upstate New York 🙂 Love the intensity?!

So anywho- here is post number two (on a roll!). First things first, because I’m dying to show you all- our new plot of land! Actually, first comes the story that accompanies this picture, because its too bland without the juicy details. So- Josh and I have an idea in mind to take a photo of us next to our plot of land with each phase of the building process and then creating some sort of a cool flippy slideshow thing at the end to show progress. In order for this to work, we need to stand in the exact same spot each and every time. Another idea we thought of at that time was to include our itty bitty kitty Kaylee in each photo (because, as Josh says, “she IS part of our family”). So here I am, with a shivering kitty, standing perfectly still as Josh sets up his tripod for the “perfect shot”. If any of you know him, this process can sometimes take awhile and he clicks quite a few pictures of me staring off into space or perhaps trying to discretely pick a booger. As he’s nearing the end of this dealio, I hear him start to gasp and then giggle like a little kid. I am baffled by this and ask him what in the heck is up. He then lets me know through giggles that our shivering kitty is currently pooping all down my new coat as well as onto the snow in front of me. Classy? I think so. We hurriedly snapped a few pictures of both of us and our dumb cat next to our plot and then zoomed away home. On the way home, our cat decided to pee herself in her carrier… Needless to say, our “essential part of the family” won’t be joining us for any other photo ops in the future, thank you very much. And now, after long awaiting it—> the photo!


And yes, if you’re wondering, we DO have a corner lot (bonus!). If you’re also wondering where in the world the kitty poo is, my dear husband photoshopped it out of the picture. HAHA! We spared you the gory details. You’re welcome.

Now onto the interior details, if you please 🙂 We went to our showroom appointment on Thursday to pick out all our fabrics and hardware and everything you can think of for a house (including grout colors!). I think I’ll split it up and bit and just show the kitchen sh-tuff for you today, and add the rest later this week.

This next picture is of our lovely granite countertops (another bonus!) and the lovely name that accompanies them–> OOBA TUBA! Image

I am in love with the green/black color and it will go so well with these cabinets (see below)Image

Yes, that is also the linoleum we picked out for our kitchen floors 🙂 And yes, we chose a 60/40 sink so our biggest pots can be washed on one side. So, to recap- dark counters, dark cabinets (sounding pretty dungeon-y, I know) and then tan linoleum and a tan tile backsplash… as seen below!Image

The two tile colors we are between are shown, but the green one shows up really really green in person, so that might be a no, go. As mentioned earlier, we had to pick our grout color as well (what?!) and so we dug to the deepest depths of our interior decorating skills and came up with… white! Thoughts?! Here’s another visual Image

My necklace is awesome, and totally in the way, I know 🙂 Next, our splurge for a nice kitchen faucet (with sprayer!). Image

So all in all, our kitchen may look a tich similar to this (ah-em- *gorgeous*) one. YAY! Image

The castled look on top comes standard with the cabinets we chose. We won’t know what to do with all the extra space we’ve got!

I think that’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned for more from our showroom fun 🙂 And then in 6 weeks or so, the actual building process begins (finally!) so that will be EVEN better!!!


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