Bathrooms, Flooring, Siding- Oh My!

Oh hey 🙂 I’m back! Today I think we’ll fly through most of the rest of the showroom options as we head in to final selections later this week (Woohoo!!)

Let’s pause, to check out my pre-selection face 🙂



So.. we chose pretty standard bathrooms because this is something Josh and I can easily update when we are ready in the future. Here’s a snapshot of the powder room on the first floor (powder, not included) Bad joke, I know…



Love the pedestal sink option! No charge for it. Bonus! Next is what our master bath will look like- minus a few things. 


So- the sink will be extended for a makeup counter (that’s literally what they called it!) and the cabinets will be the dark brown exactly like our kitchen cabinets. The walk-in shower comes standard, minus the hideous yellow paint- thank the Lord! Like I said, all the hardware will be standard because we can easily upgrade later if we want. Hollywood lights, white marble and tan linoleum- you get the picture 🙂

I was going to show off our rock star (*ahem* plain-Jane, standard, boring) toilet… but I thought I’d spare you the lameness. 

Next is the guest bathroom. We did spring for a linen closet next to the sink (as pictured) simply because the upstairs doesn’t have a linen closet at all (weird!). 


It will be so nice to store everything and have it all so handy without putting it all in our own closet (more clothes room for me!) 

Love the next picture! It shows off all the color combos we have chosen thus far! 


We’ve got neutral linoleum, tan carpet, dark brown cabinets, green/black countertops, and a tan backsplash (synonyms for tan… please!)

We did upgrade our entryway to have wood laminate which I am SO EXCITED FOR. Check it out!



Our siding choice isn’t set in stone yet, but below are the choices we are excited about at this moment (ask us in a day, our opinion may have changed by then)



We are pretty sure we are going to go with the right option just because it will make the house a bit more dynamic (man I’m getting artsy, huh?) Next picture shows that siding color with the charcoal color of our shutters and (wait for it…) GREEN FRONT DOOR! 


SO excited about that door, honestly. Its going to be fabulous and stand out like a sore thumb and THAT’S OKAY!

Last picture! Our front door style is a relatively cheap upgrade that was totally worth it for me to let a bit of light in.


Phew… that was a long post! Hope you enjoyed perusing the pictures 🙂 If you’re wondering, hm, where is the fireplace Lien has been ranting and raving about?! Sir Joshua took zero pictures of it while at the showroom. Blame him. More on the (awesome) fireplace to come in the future. 

Stay tuned as the BUILDING COMMENCES!!!!



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