Calm before the Build

Hey all! 

If I’ve seemed distant after my first few posts, its because I have been trying to figure out anything interesting enough to write about. There has been this lull while the builder and crew pull city permits and draw up blue prints that has been seeming to last forever. It obviously hasn’t, and its only been a few weeks, but it feels shameful when people ask how the building is coming and I come up empty handed. Makes for boring dinner conversation, that’s for sure. So… my bad! Its all Allen Edwin’s fault for making sure the building plans are correct by code and such. Blah blah blah… 

Anywho… the moral of the story is… I am waiting (patiently?) alongside sir Joshua for some dirt to be shed on our property! We visit like twice a week and have not seen any scrap of anything yet. Except we did find a pair of flip flops and, oddly enough, Kaylee’s poopers from our previous photoshoot- that was interesting… Guess the snow truly was a good insulator… 

Too far?

So here are a couple pictures we took recently of us visiting the lot 🙂 I am excited for the day when we can break ground and get this party started. 


We drove to our lot one day and they had put this AWESOME sign up! So of course, we had to make it a photo op. Oddly enough, no one took our picture here. I stood by the sign- Josh took my picture. He stood by the sign- then I took his picture. Then he mashed them together real nice and created this gem. Kinda cool, eh? 

And TODAY we visited and…..


VOILA… no snow! You don’t see the flip flops and kitty poo and other assorted trash that was here prior to above photo because I went around meticulously picking it up (OCD strikes at such times as these). Hopefully this proves to our neighbors the good people we plan to be in just FIVE (5) short months when we move in.

EEK! Stay tuned 🙂


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