We have a BASEMENT!

Hey all! I know my husband may have stolen some of the steam out of the sails of this post (he couldn’t resist posting his own update on facebook)… but they started digging our house! We showed up on Tuesday evening after some Sugar Berry with our good friends Steph and Caleb Miracle (and their adorable son, Connor)– and there was a HOLE ON OUR PROPERTY! To be more specific, there was a basement-sized hole on our property. 🙂

Just the Saturday before this, we had a group of people come out to our grassy knoll (aka the house lot), and pray over this area. It was an awesome experience to have the place blessed where we will be bringing our babies home from the hospital, raising a family/pets, and otherwise causing trouble. Here is a picture of the lovely group!


It is really neat that some people prayed protection over the workers and that they would start the digging sooner rather than later… and not three days later, it had begun! Thanks to everyone for the envelopment of prayer and support over our soon-to-be first home. It was extremely encouraging to us both.

So here is the picture of our hole! This was a picture our sales associate from Allen Edwin actually emailed to us (and the reason we high-tailed it over to the lot that night!)



When we showed up later on that night (after the sun had set, mind you), we got a better look at what was actually going on in ze hole of joy. Hem Hem… check it out!


That’s right… concrete! It was so cool to actually be able to visualize what our floor plan would look like in the flesh. We planned to stop by the next afternoon and get a picture next to our hole as the next installment in our picture series. Little did we know that it would look EVEN different the next day!


Basement WALLS! WHAT?! It seemed to us like we waiting forever for them to get started and now we couldn’t keep up! Needless to say, we took our picture next to the almost completed basement and enjoyed a bit of giggling (all me) and scampering around the lot (…also me). The next day we showed up and the molds that held the concrete in place were gone and we just had an outline of our basement walls (including our egress window!). I will update on the rest later, but I wanted to get our picture next to the lot before too much more changed!



There it is. Our beautiful beautiful hole with concrete. Seems crazy that some wonderful workers are building this just for us. For our first house. SO. BLESSED.

Next on the list according to our project manager…. waterproofing the basement and FRAMING the first floor!!! Check back later for many more changes (and don’t let Josh’s facebook spoilers deter you from perusing the blog still 🙂  )


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