A Roof over our Future Heads

Our house is really starting to come along, and we can hardly handle our excitement! I do think it’s rather ironic, though, that the several days I can’t take a shower due to my knee being wrapped like a mummy, is when we must take multiple photos at the house in order to keep up with the building process. Basically, what I’m saying is ignore my greasiness– its been an interesting and smelly few days 🙂

So the framers are officially gone now. Their job is finished. Aka- the house is TOTALLY FRAMED!! We were able to buy the amazing framing crew lunch on Wednesday before my surgery which was awesome. We chatted with them and thanked them profusely for all their hard work in creating the home we will live in. Dying to see a photo yet?! Here ya go!
This was us Wednesday right before lunch (and pre-mummy wrap/greasy hair) as the guys worked feverishly to finish the roof framing and window cut-outs. SO. COOL! Below is the finished product as far as framing goes… Drum rolllllll….
Isn’t it beautiful (the house, not my hair) ? We are seriously so thankful to the amazing crew that has worked hard to bring us this framed home. Also- if you notice… the window guys came as well! Check out our slider in the dining room:
It really does let in so much light (not a great photo of that, I know), and our living room will have a ton of natural light. They also installed our breaker box in the garage. So far, its got one switch that is labeled “garage outlet” (aka the outlet right next to the box in the photo below):
We have power to one outlet!! The guys also finished our staircase to the basement so its no longer a dangerous place for little ones to run near the hole to the basement (which makes me feel so much better). And their are frogs down there. Free of charge to a good home.
It looks like its dark down there but it is actually quite light, especially for just having one egress window. Below is a photo of our upstairs framed in. It is a panorama from the rafters of the roof (courtesy of Josher). LOVE this floor:
It IS a bit of a mind warp when you first look at the picture, but it is from the small bedroom facing the master bedroom (left, closest to the camera), and other two bedrooms (far left and far right). The hallway runs straight through the middle of the photo. More pictures of the upstairs to come eventually!
Yesterday, my parents came out to help out post-surgery and we took a drive out to the house after physical therapy. They came prepared with verses of their own to write on the wood!
My dad’s favorite verse:
And my mom’s verses:
This one below is right where our headboard will be in our bedroom (LOVE IT):
“Perfect love expels all fear” -1 John 4:18
And here are a couple photos from their visit 🙂

Thanks for coming out, mom and dad, especially to care for me while I sat my butt on the couch and did nothing. We are excited ot see what becomes of the house today!! Shingles, perhaps? Check back soon to see! I will leave you with our first house selfie!
2014-06-23 18.01.57
Boom 🙂


Home Scripture Framing

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay in this post (seeing as how we did the project on Sunday..). But now that I’m layed up post-surgery for a bit- the posts should come flying in!

As you may have seen from my hubby’s lovely facebook spoiler- we had a group of folks from church as well as some family out to our house for a special time. Since we have wood frames up in all the rooms, we thought it would be a cool idea to write God’s Word all over the house. We know that after the drywall and paint come in, these words will likely never be seen again, it is comforting to know that we will be protected by Scripture from the very walls we sit within. Many people came out and wrote us beautiful verses- some pertained to the rooms they were in and others were simply verses of comfort and God’s love. Take a look!
Yes, yes, I know… not a verse… but on our front door! 
Katie Burmeister came out with her two littlest ones, Lucy and Wally, to help write some of their favorite verses out (and some creative 3 year old-type drawings that we love as well!). She traced for them in pen, and Lucy and Wally wrote over this with sharpie. Thanks a million for sharing your cuties with us for an afternoon, Katie!
This is in our living room above the fireplace- it is a reminder to us that in all the times we have friends and family over, this is a house to celebrate unity in God 🙂
Our good friend, Craig Mauger came out to help as well. We missed his wife there but she is also 36 weeks preggers and wasn’t feeling good- we can give her lots of credit there! Craig wrote scripture all over our house! Each verse pertained to the room it was in and you could tell he put lots of care into them. 
You may not be able to read this one too well because it is so long, but it’s probably one of my favorite verses in the house because it has so much meaning. This is above the door frame to our front door, and its a passage from Deuteronomy that Jewish families used to put above their door frame (and still do, I believe), as a reminder to themselves of the God they serve each time they pass under it. SO. SWEET. Thanks for this one, Josher!
“For He grants sleep to those He loves” -Psalm 127. Cayden Bunnell put this sweet verse in our master bedroom (fitting??). Cayden and his wife, Rachel came out with their ADORABLE 1 year old, Levi, and painted our house with their favorite verses!
Thanks Bunnells for sharing your verses and your cutie pie son with us! 
Nicole, Josh’s sister, stopped by and wrote this sweet verse on the beam leading in to our front door! She was too quick for a picture of her and her verse, unfortunately. Thanks for coming out sis!
I wrote this in the downstairs bathroom. APPARENTLY, its hilarious…. not what I was going for. I thought it was more appropriate than anything else, but Josh seems to think it was the funniest thing I could have done. Lots of hyssop going on in this room, I suppose! I am going with it 🙂 Couple more photos peeps- hang in there!
Future nursery 🙂 🙂 🙂
Our good friends Steph and Caleb Miracle (and their handsome son Connor) weren’t able to make it on Sunday but asked if they could stop by Monday to write their verses out. We joined them and BOY DID THEY BRING ALOT of verses! So thankful to them for coming out even though we watched a thunderstorm roll in and almost got struck by lightning. 
Loving the tongue out in concentration, Caleb. Didn’t even realize it was there till I looked at this picture on the computer!
After everyone left on Sunday, Josh and I went around and took pictures of every verse so we can have documented where they are at for future reference. We also took a couple pictures of the two of us near a few favorites that we may frame in the house when its done 🙂 
And I will leave you with this last photo that Wally drew- the way a kid thinks just brings such a smile to my face!!
Welcome to Josh and Lien’s almost humble abode!! 

A HUGE thank you, again, to all who came out to write scripture on our home. Not only will it be sweet for us to know that our house is covered in God’s Word, we have already heard good things from the construction crews as they work on the house and how much they love them! What a testament! 

Second Story at a Glance (and a pup or two)

I wanted to quick get a post in because things are really shifting into high gear now with the house (Yay!). Josh and I went to the house on Friday and the workers had started the second story (in the rain, bless their hearts..). I don’t have more than our time lapse photo because we dashed over Saturday and then quick snapped a photo on our way to see people. Sooooo….. here it is!
2014-06-21 14.46.41
Isn’t it really starting to look like a home?! They even have the first and second story wrapped and ready for siding! The first floor has walls on the inside (as you saw in my last post), but the upstairs is one big room right now. They have window cut-outs that you can see on the inside which do help us visualize each room individually. SO exciting!

Today we had an amazing experience of writing scripture on the walls of our home with friends from church. I will post about this once Josh has gone through all the photos. A HUGE shout out to those who made it out – it was a wonderful experience and really meaningful.

Now… for today’s cute factor! I had a doctors appointment near the breeder on Monday and decided to swing by to give our pup some lovin’. You would like to see pictures, you say? Ohhhhh kay 🙂
Um hello puppies of joy!!! These love bugs were born June 3rd and so were 2 weeks old when this picture was taken.  We are hoping to get the puppy above the chocolate lab and on the far right. Either him or the one below the cute little face you see (we like the white-ish/yellow labs).
Aren’t they adorable?! They just laid there, slept and sometimes attempted a wobbly step or two. They were too little to hold (not to mention how mad the protective mama would get!), but the owners did have a litter that was just about ready to go to homes that I got to love on! Here are a couple photos of fluffy, fat little lab puppies!
And I will leave you with my cute sleepy friend… Mr. yellow fluffy lab 🙂

Stay tuned for more house and puppy updates!


Framing Delights

I was right I was right I was right! They started framing our house Monday, despite all the forecasters saying it would thunderstorm. I went to the work site Monday afternoon by myself to check it out (Josh was sick of traveling back and forth with me and seeing no results… So I was on my own with my optimism). And SURE ENOUGH– there were framers nailing wood into the base of the concrete walls. TAKE THAT pessimistic hubby 😉
2014-06-17 17.03.39

As you can see- they put wood together in the form of floor joists (yeah, I didn’t know what it meant either..).
2014-06-17 17.05.55

There is definitely wood and it is definitely attached to the cement! The funny looking pieces with large holes in them is where all of our HVAC system will go (see how much I’m learning??)



We showed up today to check it out and were Blown. Away. We have a house folks!!
2014-06-19 17.27.35

BAH! They put together a first floor! Bah! As we rounded the corner on the subdivision, Josh can testify that I literally squealed with delight when I saw the house. Would you like a tour of our wood frame, per chance?!

Here, as you see, is ze view from ze front door:
2014-06-19 17.41.40
The part that is sectioned off with the ladder will be where our stairs go UP to the second story eventually (which will be tomorrow’s blog post).
2014-06-19 17.41.46
This area is if you turn left from the front door- it will be a wood laminate floor, with a closet and a powder bath room. Side note: Sideways beams don’t come with the house– bonus! They’d make it pretty tricky to get around 🙂

2014-06-19 17.42.44
This is an attempt at a panoramic shot of the living room/dining area. To the left is two windows and the fireplace cut-out. The windows in the center of the picture are boarded with plywood for the time being but will be big and wonderful! Then the right frame of the shot shows our slider and dining area a bit.

2014-06-19 17.43.06
This is another view of the dining area as well as the kitchen (again, ignore the sideways beam). All the way to the back of the photo is where our laundry room and mud room will be. No photo there because of the small space.

Here is a cool shot from the living room which shows the whole first floor in panorama:
Props to the Josh man on that one 🙂
I will leave you with our current installment of the house time lapse!


Thanks for reading the long post, everyone! It’s been a long time coming, and we are looking forward to a second story tomorrow if the rain holds off.

Woot. Woot!

Lumber is DROPPED!

Finally!!! Looks like our house will finally change from a cement hole (don’t lie, you loved all the posts about our hole in the ground…) to a HOUSE!

Loving our little black fence as well. Not sure what it’s about though- clearly we do not have seed OR turf on our property 🙂 If you check out around the entire lot, there’s enough lumber there to Build. A. House. Ahh!

Hopefully after all these delays, our home will go UP from the ground next week 🙂
My mom and I also have big plans for a garden lined with rocks we scavenge from the lot over the next few months. Here’s our progress so far!

Eh? Stay tuned about 6 months from now when the garden is lined with these beautiful rocks. (Josh is not helping at all, if you were wondering).

Next week–> FRAMING!

An addition, if you will

So… The house progress has stalled out a bit which is fine, as long as it does get completed in time. In other news…

We are excited to announce that we have a new addition joining the Loxley Lane crew (aka Josh, me and Kaylee).

We. Are. Getting. A. PUPPY!!!!!

Meet the litters from which our new joy could come from.



Bah! July 16th (our take home date) can’t come soon enough!

Concrete Days

Hi all 🙂 

A few quick updates before the house begins to really take shape in the next few weeks. Where we left off were concrete walls with a large hole (aka moat) around the basement. About 10 days ago they back-filled all the dirt into the moat (sad to see we won’t be doing a medieval inspired home, I know..). Here is a photo of the house with dirt up to the front entrance!


It was really neat to be able to walk up to the walls and see what it would be like directly on the exterior of the house (like walking up to where the front door will be, etc). And of course, a photo for the time lapse we will eventually do of us in front of the lot (minus a pooping kitty)


You can tell the dirt mounds are smaller now that some of the dirt is packed back into the ground!

Last Friday we made a stop over to the lot and noticed some BIG improvements in the quality of our basement. Instead of the pea stones- we traded that in for CONCRETE!!!!!!!! Just one step closer to what our house will actually be like in the end. They also poured the concrete for the garage as well.




We had seriously hoped to make it out there to put our hand prints in the concrete of the garage while it was still wet, and while I smooshed my hand into the already solid concrete for a good 60 seconds to no avail– sadly to say, it didn’t work. Josh was definitely entertained though 🙂


We were actually able to go into the basement through the egress window and walk around on the concrete. This process is getting veeeeery real, people! Here’s our last time lapse photo for this post