Concrete Days

Hi all 🙂 

A few quick updates before the house begins to really take shape in the next few weeks. Where we left off were concrete walls with a large hole (aka moat) around the basement. About 10 days ago they back-filled all the dirt into the moat (sad to see we won’t be doing a medieval inspired home, I know..). Here is a photo of the house with dirt up to the front entrance!


It was really neat to be able to walk up to the walls and see what it would be like directly on the exterior of the house (like walking up to where the front door will be, etc). And of course, a photo for the time lapse we will eventually do of us in front of the lot (minus a pooping kitty)


You can tell the dirt mounds are smaller now that some of the dirt is packed back into the ground!

Last Friday we made a stop over to the lot and noticed some BIG improvements in the quality of our basement. Instead of the pea stones- we traded that in for CONCRETE!!!!!!!! Just one step closer to what our house will actually be like in the end. They also poured the concrete for the garage as well.




We had seriously hoped to make it out there to put our hand prints in the concrete of the garage while it was still wet, and while I smooshed my hand into the already solid concrete for a good 60 seconds to no avail– sadly to say, it didn’t work. Josh was definitely entertained though 🙂


We were actually able to go into the basement through the egress window and walk around on the concrete. This process is getting veeeeery real, people! Here’s our last time lapse photo for this post




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