Lumber is DROPPED!

Finally!!! Looks like our house will finally change from a cement hole (don’t lie, you loved all the posts about our hole in the ground…) to a HOUSE!

Loving our little black fence as well. Not sure what it’s about though- clearly we do not have seed OR turf on our property 🙂 If you check out around the entire lot, there’s enough lumber there to Build. A. House. Ahh!

Hopefully after all these delays, our home will go UP from the ground next week 🙂
My mom and I also have big plans for a garden lined with rocks we scavenge from the lot over the next few months. Here’s our progress so far!

Eh? Stay tuned about 6 months from now when the garden is lined with these beautiful rocks. (Josh is not helping at all, if you were wondering).

Next week–> FRAMING!


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