Framing Delights

I was right I was right I was right! They started framing our house Monday, despite all the forecasters saying it would thunderstorm. I went to the work site Monday afternoon by myself to check it out (Josh was sick of traveling back and forth with me and seeing no results… So I was on my own with my optimism). And SURE ENOUGH– there were framers nailing wood into the base of the concrete walls. TAKE THAT pessimistic hubby 😉
2014-06-17 17.03.39

As you can see- they put wood together in the form of floor joists (yeah, I didn’t know what it meant either..).
2014-06-17 17.05.55

There is definitely wood and it is definitely attached to the cement! The funny looking pieces with large holes in them is where all of our HVAC system will go (see how much I’m learning??)



We showed up today to check it out and were Blown. Away. We have a house folks!!
2014-06-19 17.27.35

BAH! They put together a first floor! Bah! As we rounded the corner on the subdivision, Josh can testify that I literally squealed with delight when I saw the house. Would you like a tour of our wood frame, per chance?!

Here, as you see, is ze view from ze front door:
2014-06-19 17.41.40
The part that is sectioned off with the ladder will be where our stairs go UP to the second story eventually (which will be tomorrow’s blog post).
2014-06-19 17.41.46
This area is if you turn left from the front door- it will be a wood laminate floor, with a closet and a powder bath room. Side note: Sideways beams don’t come with the house– bonus! They’d make it pretty tricky to get around 🙂

2014-06-19 17.42.44
This is an attempt at a panoramic shot of the living room/dining area. To the left is two windows and the fireplace cut-out. The windows in the center of the picture are boarded with plywood for the time being but will be big and wonderful! Then the right frame of the shot shows our slider and dining area a bit.

2014-06-19 17.43.06
This is another view of the dining area as well as the kitchen (again, ignore the sideways beam). All the way to the back of the photo is where our laundry room and mud room will be. No photo there because of the small space.

Here is a cool shot from the living room which shows the whole first floor in panorama:
Props to the Josh man on that one 🙂
I will leave you with our current installment of the house time lapse!


Thanks for reading the long post, everyone! It’s been a long time coming, and we are looking forward to a second story tomorrow if the rain holds off.

Woot. Woot!


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