Second Story at a Glance (and a pup or two)

I wanted to quick get a post in because things are really shifting into high gear now with the house (Yay!). Josh and I went to the house on Friday and the workers had started the second story (in the rain, bless their hearts..). I don’t have more than our time lapse photo because we dashed over Saturday and then quick snapped a photo on our way to see people. Sooooo….. here it is!
2014-06-21 14.46.41
Isn’t it really starting to look like a home?! They even have the first and second story wrapped and ready for siding! The first floor has walls on the inside (as you saw in my last post), but the upstairs is one big room right now. They have window cut-outs that you can see on the inside which do help us visualize each room individually. SO exciting!

Today we had an amazing experience of writing scripture on the walls of our home with friends from church. I will post about this once Josh has gone through all the photos. A HUGE shout out to those who made it out – it was a wonderful experience and really meaningful.

Now… for today’s cute factor! I had a doctors appointment near the breeder on Monday and decided to swing by to give our pup some lovin’. You would like to see pictures, you say? Ohhhhh kay 🙂
Um hello puppies of joy!!! These love bugs were born June 3rd and so were 2 weeks old when this picture was taken.  We are hoping to get the puppy above the chocolate lab and on the far right. Either him or the one below the cute little face you see (we like the white-ish/yellow labs).
Aren’t they adorable?! They just laid there, slept and sometimes attempted a wobbly step or two. They were too little to hold (not to mention how mad the protective mama would get!), but the owners did have a litter that was just about ready to go to homes that I got to love on! Here are a couple photos of fluffy, fat little lab puppies!
And I will leave you with my cute sleepy friend… Mr. yellow fluffy lab 🙂

Stay tuned for more house and puppy updates!



2 thoughts on “Second Story at a Glance (and a pup or two)

  1. Is it almost time for the ooba tuba ? Loving the whole scripture thing !!! Super cool to know that God’s word literally is posted on the walls of your home !

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