A Roof over our Future Heads

Our house is really starting to come along, and we can hardly handle our excitement! I do think it’s rather ironic, though, that the several days I can’t take a shower due to my knee being wrapped like a mummy, is when we must take multiple photos at the house in order to keep up with the building process. Basically, what I’m saying is ignore my greasiness– its been an interesting and smelly few days 🙂

So the framers are officially gone now. Their job is finished. Aka- the house is TOTALLY FRAMED!! We were able to buy the amazing framing crew lunch on Wednesday before my surgery which was awesome. We chatted with them and thanked them profusely for all their hard work in creating the home we will live in. Dying to see a photo yet?! Here ya go!
This was us Wednesday right before lunch (and pre-mummy wrap/greasy hair) as the guys worked feverishly to finish the roof framing and window cut-outs. SO. COOL! Below is the finished product as far as framing goes… Drum rolllllll….
Isn’t it beautiful (the house, not my hair) ? We are seriously so thankful to the amazing crew that has worked hard to bring us this framed home. Also- if you notice… the window guys came as well! Check out our slider in the dining room:
It really does let in so much light (not a great photo of that, I know), and our living room will have a ton of natural light. They also installed our breaker box in the garage. So far, its got one switch that is labeled “garage outlet” (aka the outlet right next to the box in the photo below):
We have power to one outlet!! The guys also finished our staircase to the basement so its no longer a dangerous place for little ones to run near the hole to the basement (which makes me feel so much better). And their are frogs down there. Free of charge to a good home.
It looks like its dark down there but it is actually quite light, especially for just having one egress window. Below is a photo of our upstairs framed in. It is a panorama from the rafters of the roof (courtesy of Josher). LOVE this floor:
It IS a bit of a mind warp when you first look at the picture, but it is from the small bedroom facing the master bedroom (left, closest to the camera), and other two bedrooms (far left and far right). The hallway runs straight through the middle of the photo. More pictures of the upstairs to come eventually!
Yesterday, my parents came out to help out post-surgery and we took a drive out to the house after physical therapy. They came prepared with verses of their own to write on the wood!
My dad’s favorite verse:
And my mom’s verses:
This one below is right where our headboard will be in our bedroom (LOVE IT):
“Perfect love expels all fear” -1 John 4:18
And here are a couple photos from their visit 🙂

Thanks for coming out, mom and dad, especially to care for me while I sat my butt on the couch and did nothing. We are excited ot see what becomes of the house today!! Shingles, perhaps? Check back soon to see! I will leave you with our first house selfie!
2014-06-23 18.01.57
Boom 🙂


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