Garage Doors, Shingles, and a FRONT DOOR!

Well friends, the time has come that our house can officially be called a house. You saw them install windows, you saw them frame two whole stories… but now… we have DOORS! This closes our house off to bugs, to outsiders, and most of all, to RAIN! Last Saturday we went out to the house, really just to give our family a tour and were surprised to see doors and a garage door! Take a look!
You’re going to get sick of me saying this- but it LOOKS. LIKE. A. HOUSE! So exciting 🙂 You can see the shingles were dropped off as well, getting ready for Monday’s roofing project. Speaking of….
BOOM! Yeah buddy! Our house has a roof with shingles on it! I also look like peg leg 🙂 Story behind my peg leggedness: We have painfully discovered a fire ant hill directly under where I normally stand for these photos (as evidenced by all twenty of the bites on my poor feetsies…). Hence, the fashionable lean. Anyways, this may be the last time lapse photo you see for awhile- they have finished most of the outside work for now. The last few outdoor finishing touches will be siding and our porch and driveway- which aren’t completed until the interior is mostly done.

After our giddy excitement on Monday over the shingles being finished (helping keep ALL the rain out. Bonus! Helping to get rid of our interior puddles, one warm day at a time 🙂 )- we walked inside the house, and were even more thrilled. They started fitting the house with mechanical rough in! That means getting ready to put hot and cold water throughout the house, as well as piping the plumbing (my knowledge just keeps growing). We did not expect to see this put in so soon. They are FLYING now- but no complaints here!
Kitchen sink piping. Can’t you see the ooba tuba counter tops in your head?! Almost there!
I made Josh take a picture of the orange goop they used to secure the piping in. SO WEIRD! That pipe leads from the kitchen upstairs through the floorboards to the….
Master bathroom SHOWER!!!! AHHH! Like I said, we are starting to get the parts and pieces to a house, huh? Below is the future kiddos bathroom:
Tub with shower 🙂 Here is some more piping, I know you love seeing it all!
This is the set-up for the toilet and shower for master bath. Josh is standing on the stairs going upstairs taking the photo- hence the odd angle. Soon we will have drywall and won’t be able to take pictures through the “walls”.

One final photo shows what our garage is filled with right now- aka today’s project for the builders?? Who knows what we will find next! 
That is everything to finish HVAC set up as well as our furnace (front and center). To the left of this photo is a huge pile of bags of insulation for the metal pipes. 

We shall see what happens today and the rest of the week. We are SO excited for the interior of our house to start to come together 🙂


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