Second Story Tour and Mechanical/Electrical Finishes

Hope you all had an amazing Fourth of July weekend hanging with friends and family, celebrating our nation. We went camping with a couple friends from church and had a blast!

We also had a blast walking through our house on Thursday before we left- noticing all of the changes! So, I left you with a few photos of the hot and cold piping that was started at the beginning of the week last week. They worked extremely fast last week and totally completed the piping and plumbing and wiring for the WHOLE HOUSE. That includes light fixtures, all plumbing, and a FIREPLACE! Lets take a second story tour and then I’ll show some mechanical and electrical details:
This is at the top of the stairs and showing the hallway to the 3rd and 4th bedrooms (which are to the right of the picture). I think Josh is actually standing in the guest bathroom.
This is the other hallway leading to bedrooms 1 and 2. The staircase is to the right at the bottom and the guest bathroom is to the left (you can see the bathtub a little bit). What I really love about this upstairs is how much wall space in the hallway I will have to put picture frames (and embarrassing baby pictures of Josh!). 
This is the view from the corner of bedroom 4 and looking into bedroom 3. It will be easier to see each bedroom when they drywall but this gives you at least a bit of an idea. These bedrooms are exactly identical except the front bedroom has two windows and this back one only has one (but with a fantastic view!). You can see the wiring along the far wall a bit (ignore the blurriness..).
This above photo is of bedroom #2- aka our future nursery. It is the smallest bedroom and is right next to the master bedroom (where Josh is standing while taking this picture).
Aaaaaand…. our bedroom!!!:
This is just a horrible picture that doesn’t show the bedroom well, but hey, its hard to get the angles right! It is by far the biggest bedroom and has the two windows you see here plus one window in our walk-in closet (yeah buddy!).
This is our walk-in closet with a window on the far left wall. I am not sure I’ll know what to do with all this closet space…. Just kidding… I won’t have any troubles filling it 🙂
This is our bathroom in the master. Not much to say here except the piping, wiring and plumbing are done which is amazing!
This is our whole downstairs now! NOTE: Fireplace is installed in the left side of the picture!!!!! Also to note… the house is extremely bright without even a single light bulb 🙂 So many windows = my favorite part of the house. 
Our breaker box in the garage. I think this photo is hilarious because it shows how MUCH has happened! These wires were all attached and much neater when we visited the house yesterday, but yours truly forgot to snap a photo. 
This is our laundry room- all hooked up and almost ready to go!
I am standing AT OUR FUTURE KITCHEN SINK! (Insert woman joke about my place…). This is also one of my favorite places because the view from our kitchen sink is really breathtaking (pictures to come) and the room is so OPEN!
The can lights we opted for! There are five in the kitchen/dining room and four in the living room. Like I said earlier, really bright rooms are kinda my thing 🙂
A better view of our fireplace. the orange hose is a way to hide all our wires for the tv that will go above the fireplace. 
Kinda boring but kinda extremely cool… our water heater (50 gallon!) and HVAC system! This is in our basement (Obviously..)

Now for a few outside shots to end it out! We walked around the house and Josh snapped some cool pictures!
IMG_3174 IMG_3175 IMG_3176 IMG_3177
Thanks for reading!!

Next up is dry wall I believe! AH!


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