A Family Affair

This MAY be one of my most favorite posts so far. Why, you might ask? Weeell…. We got to show our home to my favorite little girl and boy (aka my niece and nephew) and their family (aka my brother and sister-in-law. Yeppers- Bram and Stacey and Emma and Eli came into town for a visit!!! 
2014-07-08 18.42.11
AHHH! I know.. you’re overwhelmed by cuteness 🙂 Emma is four and will be starting her second year of preschool this fall and can tube like the best of them. And then there is sweet Eli, who turned one in March and runs (yes, runs) like you wouldn’t believe and is a pro at saying “daddy”, and nothing else. They loved taking a tour with us as well as my parents and Bram and Stacey. 
2014-07-08 18.45.09
That there is my brother, Bram, who is a pilot and his wife (and my sis!), Stacey, who is a fabulous teacher. We took the above picture and they my mom wanted a closer photo, so you get what we see below…
2014-07-08 18.45.38
Bram and Josh must have had a secret little boy meeting and decided to put these faces together… Classy folks. 
2014-07-08 18.28.41 2014-07-08 18.14.43 2014-07-08 18.07.30
We had a blast checking out the house and then went out to dinner and even had some ice cream afterwards! 
2014-07-08 20.33.58 2014-07-08 20.34.54 2014-07-08 20.44.17 2014-07-08 20.56.52 2014-07-08 20.58.47

Thank you SO much Bram and Stacey for coming out to see Josh and I and celebrate family and a new home together 🙂


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