Insulation and Puppy Days!

Hi everyone! It has been a bit since I’ve had a chance to sit down and write a blog post. Blame it on our new puppy. He is ADORABLE but a TON of work. I have been telling people that he is like a combination of a newborn baby and a toddler. He cannot sleep through the night yet (tiny bladder) and he gets into everything (loves biting and chewing!). Here is a photo of our new addition- Harley David (baha!) Swieringa!
2014-07-21 11.10.58 2014-07-21 11.11.10 2014-07-21 11.12.51

We are so thankful to get to raise such a beautiful and fun puppy. Check back for more updates as he gets bigger!

In other news- they put insulation in our house and dropped off the dry wall to hang at some point 🙂

The kitchen and dining room- insulated and ready for finishing. I will say- now that the house is insulated, it is a TON quieter when we are inside. Not that it was ever super loud because the subdivision is in the country- but its good to know it’ll be even quieter because of insulation (and dry walling too). 
And the guest bathroom
Sheets of dry wall ready to hang!
The garage!
Aaaand the basement (think, ping pong table..)
Also- as we were scoping the house out for changes, we noticed a really cool one…
One of the insulators must have added his own verse because no one else has written in pen! So neat to see one of the construction workers add his own verse to the mix. He also wrote “Amen!” next to a verse someone else had written! HOW COOL!

Check back later this week to see dry wall additions!
2014-07-21 11.11.24


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