Le Ooba Tuba

Ta-Da! Our house is just a mere three weeks away from being move-in ready and we are gearing up for the big move. I’ve been collecting boxes from work for about 3 months now and we will most likely still need more (read: I’m a pack rat). After visiting the house yesterday, we can definitely tell that they are getting close to completion. It feels like just yesterday that I was complaining about our hole in the ground and how they weren’t moving fast enough. Now it’s HERE! 

Below you can see how wonderful the inside of the house looks now! 
The first picture is of the entryway, and although it looks like nothing, underneath the paper covering is our WOOD FLOOR! We chose to add some wood flooring just to the front door entry way to add some color contrast in the living area (so it wasn’t just laminate all the way around). As you can see along the base boards, they painted the walls white as well and added trim. The very bottom segment of trim still needs to be painted, but the rest is finito!
2014-08-26 17.14.49
2014-08-26 17.29.57
Next photo is of our living room- painted and trimmed
2014-08-26 17.16.53
I have told some folks, but our house will be all white even when we get the certificate of occupancy. Allen Edwin would have charged an arm and a leg for any additional colors and so we just decided it would be less expensive to paint the rooms ourselves. The paint on the walls and mantle are flat coat white and the ceiling is a textured white. We are in the process of figuring out what color we want in this room as well as the rest of the house. Let me tell you… HARD. DECISIONS. More to come on that later.

Next photo is the BEST ONE YET (also the reason for the title..). We got the shock of our lives when we turned the corner into the kitchen yesterday and saw that our countertops were in!!!!! The Ooba Tuba granite is finally here!!!! This was one of my most favorite decisions to make originally so its great to finally see it in the flesh. Its a deep green color with flecks of gold and black in it. Check it out!
2014-08-26 17.16.46 2014-08-26 17.22.22 2014-08-26 17.22.33 2014-08-26 17.31.15 
I was a bit afraid that with dark countertops and cabinets that the room would look too dark but it is great and wonderful and everything I hoped it would be 🙂 Yay for ooba tuba! Also, you may notice, our sink is in! Its a 60/40 design with a disposal in the left side.
2014-08-26 17.30.55
That is all the updates on the house that I can think of right now. But it is really really starting to come together! The next few things to be completed are mechanical finalization, carpet, plumbing finalization, our tile backsplash as well as tile hearth for the fireplace, and electrical finishing touches. 
WE. ARE. SO. CLOSE.!!!!!!!!!
Josh and I also took some silly photos at the house yesterday that actually turned out kinda cool. They are panoramas but we ran into certain frames of the shot to get multiple poses in each time. Hard to explain.. but check them out!
2014-08-26 17.20.25 2014-08-26 17.21.37
Kinda snazzy, right? Gives you a good view of most of the first floor as well. 

I will leave you with this: my car ride buddy whenever we go visit the house 🙂 
2014-08-26 16.25.34
Yes we were stopped at a light and no you may not have him 😉

Check back soon for our moving plans!!!


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