The Countdown is on + a COMPLETE HOUSE TOUR

People, people, PEOPLE! Β We are in full-on almost-gonna-live-in-a-house-mode. Like- LESS THAN THREE WEEKS from now kinda thing. We. Are. Freaking. Out! So it has been a bit since there was an update and mostly that’s because there have been little things added here and there each week. And that IS a little bit of a lie because I’ve been crazy busy starting a new job and wanted to wait to post till there were a ton of changes πŸ™‚

So- what are said changes, you might ask? Well… looking back on my last post, it seems as though there are a lot. I think I might just give a house tour and update changes along the way! Sounds like fun, eh?
This is what you see when you first walk in the front door. They removed the covering and now you can see our hardwood! We are so glad we went with this extra expense for the awesome difference in color you get here (especially from the entrance to the carpet in the living room). All doors and door handles are on each door as you can see. Below is another view of the transition. LOVE.
2014-09-09 17.59.18
Next is the pedestal sinkΒ in the bathroom here on the main floor πŸ™‚
So loving this! We are looking to put an over the toilet shelving unit in in this bathroom to add some deeper color and space for storage of essentials (aka- TP). Next is the view from the wood flooring looking back at the front door. Our front door window is in!
2014-09-04 17.51.48
They still do have to paint the outside portion of the door green, but the interior is done! As you can also notice- our door bell ringer is up too. Recessed and flush with the wall for a mere $20! Next up is the LIVING ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prepare to be excited (as you can tell I am).
IMG_1496 2014-09-09 18.04.57 2014-09-09 18.04.53
EH?!?!? They cleaned and everything!!!!! Yes, the walls still match the mantle and that is hideous but ignore it- soon enough that shall be remedied. Also- they took the stickers off all the windows and deep cleaned them as well as all the window sills. That seriously has made all the difference in the world to make this house feel more cozy and livable. The OCD clean freak in me was singing for joy at this wonderfulness πŸ™‚
They also put in our thermostat which now WORKS! We have air and heat!
2014-09-04 17.52.09
This little doo-hickey is in the living room across from the fireplace. Next is the kitchen. A huge asterisk here- even though our appliances are all in (besides the fridge which doesn’t come included), we have made the decision to upgrade all the appliances. Allen Edwin didn’t have the option to install exactly what we wanted so we are planning to sell these bad boys below on Craig’s List when our new ones are delivered (in about two weeks). Kind of a roundabout way to do things- but at least we get what we want! We will be getting stainless steel Kenmore Elite for everything besides the washer and dryer, which are LG. SO excited for the real deal to show up! The kitchen still does look amazing though, especially being clean!
Next up is the laundry room and entry way from the garage (which you can see in the top right of the previous photo from a distance. Also- a door knob for kicks and giggles πŸ™‚
IMG_1502 2014-09-04 17.36.33IMG_1501
The white uppers in the laundry room were extra and we are SO happy we did it. Extra storage and cuteness factor? YES please! Our door knobs are pretty standard ones, as you can see. But hey, they work and they were no added charge. Bonus bonus πŸ™‚ On to the upstairs! It has been FOREVER since you all have seen it so lets do this!
When you walk upstairs, you can turn left and enter either of these bedrooms. They are similar in size and will most likely end up being a guest bedroom and Josh’s photography studio. We love the open railing concept and are going to add a small bookshelf in the top center area at the end of the hall where the nook is. (Game closet?!) The open door on the bottom right is the guest bathroom upstairs. We added a linen cabinet in here and it has a full shower/tub combo as well. The first photo below is before they did clean, because I didn’t have a great one from today, but the second one is the panorama from the stairway over to the other end of the hallway and you can see the bathroom in the left part of the photo.
IMG_1479 IMG_1515
In the panorama above, the top center leads to a small bedroom on the left and our master bedroom on the right. Carpet- check! Paint- check! Hallway railing- check! The only things that need to be added up here are closet shelving units, and touch ups of paint on the stairwell (as you can see pencil marks still). Below now is the master bedroom! It is vacuumed, dusted, and deep cleaned! All it needs now is a cozy bed and I am ready for a nap in our new room!
On the right top is where our closet is and the right middle is our bathroom. Josh is standing in the doorway to the hallway taking the photo. Last but not least, below is the bathroom and the closet!
IMG_1520 IMG_1519
We added the extra counter space in the bathroom to help give some space for us to get ready side by side (if that ever happens!). Not sure what we will put under the open spot yet, we haven’t decided! And you can see with our closet, no shelves yet there either. There will be a large shelf on the far wall and then one on the first area on the right as soon as you walk in the closet as well (aka- time to shop for more clothes to fill our walk in closet!).
Folks, that is IT with the house for now πŸ™‚ Can you believe how close we are to moving in? In less than two weeks we have our certificate of occupancy and then we close within that week and can begin moving our things in! Last photo of the house here is one for the time lapse! It sure has been awhile huh?
2014-09-03 16.04.38
I know you are loving Harley in that photo huh? He steals the show, I must admit… with those legs all comfy and whatnot πŸ˜‰

I’ll leave you with Harley, as per usual. He is our biggest fan on more space, for sure! I can’t wait to see his little body run through the house and explore πŸ™‚
2014-09-05 00.41.48 2014-09-05 15.21.08
Thanks for reading πŸ™‚ Stay tuned on when our painting party will be! You KNOW you’ll be invited to that fun event πŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “The Countdown is on + a COMPLETE HOUSE TOUR

  1. That is so cool! The house looks great! I can’t believe how big harley is. Did you name him/her because your going to get a harley? Thats why ours is named that. LOL,

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