Our Home is.. Complete!

Hi friends! There are a few updates on the house I wanted to show you, but mainly this post is to keep everyone in the loop. The Amazing, WONDERFUL loop. What is going on with our house process, you might ask?? We finally have a closing date!! Tomorrow at 4pm, we get to sign our life away and are handed our first set of house keys to our first ever home. EVER. 🙂 🙂

This means we plan to paint the house this weekend (October 10th-12th) and then officially move in to the house the following weekend (October 17th-19th). I will put out a few Facebook events for those who are feeling super helpful and awesome, but we could definitely use some help- especially painting. If not, keep checking back here for updates on how the house looks as we move our things in and color the walls. ITS FINALLY HERE, PEOPLE!

Now, on to a few updates! For starters, our front door was painted!! Check ‘er out 🙂
2014-09-25 18.04.57

2014-09-25 18.05.09
I am glad the color green came out the way it did… and it is absolutely exactly what I wanted. The color looks great with the shutter color, which is a huge relief. Most people have their shutters and front door the exact same color so my fears were getting worse as time went on for being different. It is my favorite part of the outside though, for sure. This, slightly rainy pic shows them next to each other.

2014-10-06 17.21.07

Next- our driveway and sidewalks are in! The front door isn’t painted yet in the photo- but WOWOWOW its exciting stuff!!!!
2014-09-24 17.23.45
The yard was graded as well, and all our big rocks were removed to my rock pile in the backyard 🙂 Also notice- our dog is getting HUGE! Only a few photos in our time lapse left! One more time lapse below with a growing pup, a completed outside of the house and… hydroseed! (which basically looks like dirt but will turn into grass eventually).
IMG_6492 IMG_6484
Garage door open and closed, just in case you were wondering what each looked like 🙂

And then TONIGHT, Josh and I headed over to Menards to pick out paint samples for the walls! We are hoping to head over to the house tomorrow after closing (Aka after we get our keys. Eee!), and put our samples on each wall so they can dry before we make our final decision. Wanna see the colors we are deciding between? The picture below shows our 13 samples (I know, it sounds like a lot..). They are organized by room they go in and each room has about three sample colors. Check out the photo and I can explain it better.
2014-10-06 20.01.56
The top three on the left are our guest bedroom color options (our only bold options!). The bottom three on the left are the three we are between for our master bedroom (aka light blue paradise!). The middle four are the options for all the main living space including the hallways and staircase. And then the three on the right are the bathroom options (both full bathrooms and the powder room). Feel free to leave your opinions- we are indecisive folks (obviously…).

This was the rest of our cart at Menards tonight (read: Lien cries while walking out with the receipt in hand)
2014-10-06 20.05.20
Being a homeowner is fun stuff, let me tell you. But it is EXPENSIVE!!!!!

Anywho, that is all the updates for you as of now! Keep checking back for our painting progress and moving in! As always, I will leave you with our furry friend, mr. harley!

2014-09-21 08.14.032014-10-05 12.12.56

Why are all his photos in the car?! I’ll work on it…