Movin In and Gettin Better

Hi everybody! Thanks for your patience in my updates… as you all might know, it has been a bit crazy around here. What with Josh’s pneumonia, moving, and unpacking… we are finally starting to have some normalcy to our lives again. So, time to let you guys know what we’ve been up to!

I think I’ll start with a first floor tour and then head upstairs for you guys when things get a bit more settled in. I first want to start out by THANKING everyone who helped us in the moving process. Whether it was packing, painting, moving, or unpacking help-we appreciate you ALL!

Okay, to begin! When you first come in the front door–> here is partially unpacked Swieringa world 🙂
2014-10-31 16.47.33
Please don’t hate on my picture taking skills… it’d just be mean. The next two photos are of what you see when you turn right and left in the entry way. To the right is a powder room (that we painted GREEN!), and to the left is the staircase upstairs (painted with a light tan that we picked out for the majority of the house).
2014-10-31 16.47.14 2014-10-31 16.47.24
Next you can see our work in progress living room. Because our first dog destroyed our sofa, we currently only have a love seat and a fantastic chair (donated to us by Josh’s mom and sister!). Just a few days ago we settled on a sectional from Furniture Row to fit the space a bit more. The love seat will go upstairs in our office for future clients of Josh’s photography business to be photogenic on 🙂 Check out the bare living room for now:
2014-10-31 16.46.55
The shelves on either side of the tv are our attempt at “built-ins” 🙂 We love them! And of course, the fireplace is on. The fireplace is ALWAYS on. So glad we went with that cozy option as winter seems to have already begun.
Next up is the kitchen! We also bought a new kitchen table that hasn’t been delivered yet, so bear with me on this picture as well. I promise to send you guys all the updates as they arrive!
2014-10-31 16.46.50 2014-10-31 16.46.46
I’m not sure if I’ve even shown you since our new appliances were installed? Well… here they are! The stove is a dual fuel 5 burner gas range and the refrigerator is a side by side with the freezer on the bottom. The dishwasher is in the bottom left of the photo and it is SO quiet! We also have a convection microwave which is basically a fancy way of saying we can bake cookies and such in it 🙂 We love them all and have actually sold both our old dishwasher and range already!
Next up is the laundry room- where our last two new appliances live, as well as the mud room (and future home of our very own built in cubbies/bench!)
2014-11-03 13.37.20 2014-11-03 13.37.27
After having used the washer and dryer more than a few times now (think: Josh’s fever breaks and comes back several times in the span of a week…)- I am totally convinced of front loaders. We have saved so much on water alone with all the small loads I’ve had to do because of the sensor that shuts off the water when all the clothes are wet enough. So there’s my plug- goooo front loaders!
Last picture is where I am going to draw inspiration in these coming weeks to KEEP UNPACKING. Its all fine and well when its hidden away, but now its not. Now you guys know my secret. And the secret is an EXTREMELY messy garage. Snow might also be a motivator to unpack it because I don’t want to park outside when we have a perfectly functioning garage currently. Take a look:
2014-11-03 13.37.38
Ick. And the ping pong table is even hiding some of the boxes! Hopefully next blog post, and you will see at least one car parked here in the good ‘ol garage!
Now, because Friday was halloween- my last picture is of our halloween costumes this year. Josh and I were a mob boss and a flapper girl, and Harley was our trusty cop 🙂
2014-11-01 19.02.55 2014-11-01 19.47.52
Thanks for reading! More to come very soon 🙂


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