Finally… A First Floor Tour!

Hi everyone. WOW it has been awhile! After moving in, we obviously had a ton of work to do (not on the house, itself, thankfully!). It took us awhile to unpack and really settle in- mainly because we both kept getting sick! As we were hauling furniture into the house, Josh collapsed near the end of the day, unable to move or eat or drink. I was concerned (he was not). I took his temperature and he had a raging fever of 103! Doc said right lower lobe pneumonia. Boo! Needless to say, we laid low for a good long while while he recovered (and I got sick from him, of course 🙂 What’s a marriage without getting sick from each other over and over again? ).
Finally, by the end of November, we had all the boxes unpacked! We were pretty excited. And then, not a week later- we received some other amazing news. We are going to be parents! And thus I entered into the most physical three months of my life– the FIRST TRIMESTER! Thank you to everyone for all your support thus far during this exciting and crazy time. It has been a hard but worth it journey! With all the icky feelings and changes, our projects and decorating plans were put on hold for even longer. Josh has been amazing with continuing to work on the house, even though I was exhausted and nauseated every day. Want to take a look around?! Alrighty then. So here is what we’ve done with the house in just four short months. Enjoy the tour!

So, as you walk in- here is what you see!
2015-01-24 11.08.56
Because our original couch was destroyed by a doggie- we were in the market for a new one. We have always wanted a sectional but have never really had the room to put one in. Now that we’ve got the room- we decided to go for it! Combined with some lovely curtains (mega mega on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond), and we’ve got a new vibe going in our living space 🙂
When you turn left from the front door, there is a hallway, if you remember (I know its been awhile..). The hallway goes into a powder room. We splurged on a hutch to go over the toilet in the powder room which really spruces up the small space. Take a look!
2015-01-24 11.08.442015-01-24 11.09.14
Cool huh? Now here’s a panorama (like I’ve done for the living room at every stage in the build process) of our living area!
2015-01-24 11.09.55
Yes, its Christmas themed, and yes, this photo was taken today which means these decorations are all still up. Oh well- its festive! New also to us is the green chair in the right corner. A huge thanks to Nicole and Kris Swieringa for allowing us to have it. We (read: Lien) LOVE it! The bookshelves are also an addition that we found at Target and house our current favorite books (we all know how much my husband loves to read…) and seasonal items. Below is a more detailed picture of this little reading corner that has become my oasis 🙂
2015-01-24 11.10.21
So cozy! Someday I will put up a picture of what this area looks like at night with just that lamp on. Mmm- a dream nook that I have always wanted 🙂

Next up is the dining/kitchen area. We bought a couple of items for the dining room because our existing round table didn’t really fit the area well (that table is now a card table in the basement!). We decided on a dark wood rectangular table with a removable leaf as well as a hanging pendant-type light to go over it. Check ‘er out.
2015-01-24 11.10.43
The curtains for the slider were also on sale at Menards (and a good find!). Kudos to my handy hubs for installing them as well as the curtain hold-backs!
2015-01-24 11.11.03
We continue to love all the natural light that comes in to our house through multiple large windows. Definitely a must have in a house! Below are a couple more detailed photos of the kitchen.
2015-01-24 11.11.16
2015-01-24 11.11.25
Josh has been handy in quite a few ways, as I mentioned earlier. See the drawer pulls and cabinet handles?? We picked out some silver ones and Josh installed them for us! It adds some flair to the kitchen that it didn’t have when the cabinets were plain (and helps us figure out which side to open cabinets from!). I think our new LARGE fridge is one of our favorite kitchen items. We are excited to continue to fill it with my latest pregnancy cravings 😉
Want to see a super messy mud room and laundry room? Perfect- enjoy the next two pics 🙂
2015-01-24 11.11.48 2015-01-24 11.11.33
In the semi-near (or semi-distant.. depending on our current motivation..) future, we hope to add some built-in cubbies into the mud room space with hooks and such. Laundry space? Pretty much like you see it a lot of the time. Josh added a rod near the ceiling for us to hang clothes that are drying on. I didn’t realize how handy it really would be until he installed it. I thought it would take up too much space with clothes hanging from it (especially in an area that is already really small). It has been really worth the investment and does not take up too much space at all (and seriously, a tension shower curtain rod is like $3 at Meijer- SO worth it).

Welp folks- that is it for this week! Hope you enjoyed a tour of our little corner of the world. We have loved starting to make the house our own. As you maybe noticed- there is a lack of art on the walls yet. That was a daunting task that we felt could wait until after the holidays (and now I just feel lazy..). The goal is to have pictures hung by the time our little one arrives in August. Here’s to hoping!

Next post will be a tour of the upstairs (including nursery parts and pieces we have already gathered 🙂 ) and basement (which has turned into a pretty cool little hangout!). We look forward to sharing our joys with you over these next months as things are definitely sure to change for us. Thank you again for all your support with the pregnancy so far. God sure is good!

I’ll leave you with our little peanut. This ultrasound picture was taken a few weeks ago at work by a gracious resident I work with. Our little one sure has some growing to do!!
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